Getting Started & Useful Resources

Getting Started & Useful Resources

by Aaron Kebede -
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In this post, I will be showing the redesign of the new CTP Ethiopia Academy (the now myCTP App) has undergone a few updates and we have built support systems to aid the e-Learning platform.

The new design, as you can see, is a lighter version of the older 2020 version which focuses more on productivity and work than the aesthetic. The pages and dashboard will get updated continuously with latest resources and we will keep emailing about new updates.


Here, you have technology resources that help enhance e-Learning. 

This is a ticketing system that we use to handle access errors and people who need help

This is a collaborative space for anyone who wants to contribute by creating help guides.


With the resources above and the ones not listed above, we will try to make our best to make the learning experience as great as possible.

We have added more resources now:

  • For our Tech-Savvy folks, we have CTP Docs
  • Designed a course for help & set up.
  • Custom ID for those with no Gmail accounts; read more here.