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Certificate Update

Certificate Update

by Aaron Kebede -
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Hi all,

Certificate update will be done in the next few minutes on myCTP. All our other systems will be working during that time. myCTP will be taken offline for a short period of time to allow for the update to happen. To check for the system status, please visit

Other News

  • We have been working on new websites and making them faster, more reliable, and with a better User Interface than the previous ones that we had. We have published a beta version which can be found at
  • We also have several other websites we are excited to share with you soon; the websites will be ones exclusively covering college application guides or updates from us.  
  • The mentorship announcement will also be made soon.
  • As this is the normal academic year, myCTP will be open to the public. However, registration is required. To request access, one has to create a support ticket



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Re: Certificate Update

by Aaron Kebede -
Update complete, if you are still having difficulties accessing the website, try clearing cookies and cache and if that doesn't help, create a support ticket.